Plant based clumping tofu litter

  • Environmentally friendly

    Purrrfect for the planet…

    Our tofu cat litter is a plant based biodegradable product.

    It’s a sustainable by-product of the tofu making process.

    It can be disposed of as garden mulch.

    The package is made from eco-friendly recyclable material.

    Biocat tofu litter lasts 3 times longer than recycled paper litter.

    It is lightweight – reducing transport emissions.

  • Economical & efficient

    Our tofu cat litter uses 3 times less than most paper litters!

    Biocat litter’s exceptional clumping ability prevents the entire litterbox from being contaminated.

    Time saving – no need to change the tray as often, just scoop out the soiled clumps daily and top up.

  • Hygienic & Safe

    Naturally eliminates odour…

    Biocat litter’s rapid absorption enables your cat’s paws to remain clean and dry.

    Our tofu cat litter features natural odour control.It is non-toxic, contains no chemical additives and is 100% safe for your cat to use.

We love animals

The owner of Biocat is a longstanding monthly donor to several animal charities.

We currently donate a considerable amount of Biocat’s profit to animal charities.  We also provide rescues with product at cost price.

  • Annie

    Best litter I’ve ever used! I love this litter – not only for it’s fabulous enviro credentials – but my four cats have all responded really well. It’s super easy to clean (I am ashamed to say, I was a crystal user before). This is so much easier, cleaner and remarkably, one of our cats has crapped in our bath (every night without fail), now only uses the litter box. Our bath is crap-free!

  • Claire

    I am currently trialling this amazing product. I absolutely love it! Very clean, great odour control & the cats seem to not flick it all over the floor like they did with the crystal litter. I will mention I have Bengals lol, I’m just about to make another purchase. Highly recommended!

  • Ashley

    Amazing product! 5 stars for odour control and absorbency – Definitely lasts longer and requires less maintenance than the supermarket bought clumping clay I was using.

    Happy kitty and happy humans! Definitely recommend this for any cat owner!