By slowly pouring, fill a clean, dry litterbox with Biocat litter to a depth of 4-6cm and place in a quiet area of the home away from feeding areas.

When first transitioning from another litter, give your cat options and make it a gradual process. Cats can get easily stressed from change.

Scoop to remove clumps and waste daily. Top up to maintain (always ensure there is enough clean litter in the tray for your cat to cover up their impawtant business).

If you have more than one cat, make sure you provide enough litter trays – it is recommended that you have one tray per cat plus an extra tray.

Completely empty the litter and wash the tray thoroughly on a regular basis to maintain good hygiene and cleanliness (we recommend at least every 2-3 weeks). When changing the tray the soiled used litter can be used as mulch.