Hear what people are saying about Biocat Tofu Cat Litter:

Annie – Sydney
"Best litter I’ve ever used! I love this litter – not only for it’s fabulous enviro credentials – but my four cats have all responded really well. It’s super easy to clean (I am ashamed to say, I was a crystal use before). This is so much easier, cleaner and remarkably, one of our cats has crapped in our bath (every night without fail) now only uses the litter box. Our bath is crap-free!"

The Mini Kitty Commune
"So the review is in! For the past week I have been trialing a new clumping litter made of Tofu called Biocat. I’ve never been a fan of clumping litter and we definitely don’t recommend it for kittens as if they ingest it as a kitten it can form blockages.However as a supporter sent it to me I thought I would give it a try with my own cats instead of the breeders choice. Well I was very surprised. The Biocat litter (mine was the natural) was in very small pellet form which had a low dust output. It also barely tracked out of the litter tray (mine is deep but still paper litter was everywhere) and in the week I’ve used it I have only replaced the entire lot today. It was very easy to remove the soiled areas and keep it fresh and dry for the cats to reuse. The other bonus I found was that it had very little smell. All in all I think it is a fantastic product. The bags I received were only 4kg but as I’ve used it for one week and then replaced I estimate 3 weeks out of one bag. I am going to continue to use Biocat as I really like it for the adult cats."

Katie Grech
"Best litter I’ve ever used and I’ve tried them all. Amazing product!"

Ashley Smith
"Amazing product! 5 stars for odour control and absorbency – Definitely lasts longer and requires less maintenance than the supermarket bought clumping clay i was using. Happy kitty and happy humans!
Definitely recommend this for any cat owner!"

Rachel Bonanno
"Best litter I have used! My zepp is stoked and so is mum environmentally friendly but still 150% better than anything I have used!! Thank you!"

Claire O’Malley
"I am currently trialling this amazing product.
I absolutely love it! Very clean, great odour control & the cats seem to not flick it all over the floor like they did with the crystal litter.
I will mention I have Bengals lol
I’m just about to make another purchase.
Highly recommended!"

"I had purchased this cat litter with the misconception that it would be a grain-like litter rather than a pellet litter, as my cats had never accepted all previous pellet-type litter before. When I realised that this litter is in pellet form, I contacted the company right away to see if I could organise a return. From point of contact at the beginning of purchase to the refund process, the amazing Michelle from Biocat managed it all with load of grace and understanding, which is so appreciated and a breath of fresh air. She made the entire process easy and fuss-free with clear, empathetic and prompt responses."

Jeanette Young
"I gave my fur baby the option of his old kitty litter and put a fresh tray of biocat next to it. He has opted for biocat.
It’s kind on his paws and even kinder to my nose.
Much more economical than other brands I’ve tried cause I’m not changing the litter every second day due to the odour. Five stars from me and five stars from Sylvester."

Damien Tammer
"Finally. A kitty litter that ticks all the boxes. My little guys love it. Less smell, less mess, lasts."

Annie Schwebel
"Biocat is so easy to clean and soft on fussy bottoms & feet. We ALL love this product! Happy bums = Happy Mum!"

Kris Higgins
"Best cat litter I’ve ever used!"